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Maintain a Bounce Rate Under 3%
Protect Your Emails From Being Blocked
Achieve Higher Response Rates
No code, no plugins, no cache needed
Export thousands of relevant contacts
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Reviews Of SocLeads Google Maps Scraper

Our wall of Love from
Great Email Scraper
Great Email Scraper. It efficiently scrape emails from maps and social media, delivering on its promise to discover and engage potential customers. Worth every penny of the basic plan investment.
Must have for marketing
SocLeands' email scrapper has been an addition to our digital marketing toolkit. This tool stands out for its ability to seamlessly extract high-quality email addresses from multiple social media platforms.
I'm a paying customer and Socleads has…
I'm a paying customer and Socleads has dramatically increased our cold outreach with high quality leads. The system is simple to use and fast to deliver great results. Most importantly the company is super responsive to ideas, improvements and any issues and get back to you fast with personal service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
Nora Johnson
verified, US
verified, US
verified, US
Scrapping Instagram followers is the best feature
Socleads allows you to scrape emails from Instagram followers in one click! I have been looking for a long time for a way to scrape emails from Instagram followers. I tried many different services, but they all required giving away accounts, cookies, or manual work. Socleads works very simple.
Tilda Publishing
Scraping of Google SERPs isn’t a violation of DMCA or CFAA. Given that results on Google SERPs are not protected by copyright, it’s only logical that doesn’t violate DMCA by scraping them. Since information on Google SERPs is also publicly available and non-password protected, doesn’t break CFAA by scraping it.
  • What kind of data do I get from Google Maps Email Scraper?
    Name, phone (if available on Google Maps), email (if available on the website from Google Maps), address, category, rating, reviews number, website (if available on Google Maps), place ID, coordinates
    Billing for any row (may not include email)
  • What is your refund policy?
    You can no longer get a refund if you capture more than 50 credits. Refunds are available upon request for the last month only. They are not available for all previous months, even if you did not use the service.
    Reminder: your credits have a one-month expiration and are non-refundable. Please plan your usage accordingly.